The Triax Vision

Virtual reality is no longer a promise set for the future. VR is here now in the present,  becoming ever more accessible to mainstream users while also more technologically sophisticated. VR is having wide ranging effects on fields from industrial training to aversion exposure therapy. Especially as younger generations enter consumer markets, a clear trend has emerged where potential customers and clientele strongly prefer to first virtually check out a store, venue, real estate property, or nearly anywhere else before they consider heading there in person. Triax strives to make robust, immersive virtual experiences readily available to business owners and service professionals at any scale, allowing them to tap into the prominent advantages VR provides over flat, non-interactive images and video.

Ethan Abramson

Triax VR is the 360° virtual tour company created and run by Ethan Abramson. Unlike the majority of 360° photographers, Ethan comes from an extensive background in the interactive digital entertainment industry, where he created true 3D VR experiences on platforms such as Samsung Gear VR.

(Check out Ethan’s video game portfolio here:

With that knowledge of producing high-end immersion, Ethan provides a uniquely grounded approach to virtual tours for businesses and real estate. As an officially certified Google Trusted Photographer, Ethan is also firmly established in his abilities to capture and connect 360° images, producing virtual tours for businesses using Google Street View technology.

General Area of Operations:

  • Southern Vermont

  • North Western Massachusetts

  • Mid Eastern New York