Interactive 360° Virtual Tours for Google Business View

Invite customers to step inside your business with an interactive 360° Virtual Tour, powered by Google Street View™ technology. Enhance your presence on Google Maps™ and Google Search™.

Versatile Viewing

Triax virtual tours run anywhere Google Street View does. Navigating with desktop/laptop displays is as simple as dragging to rotate the 360° view in any direction, while clicking on arrows to move from place to place. Go full screen on a large display for an eye-filling panoramic view of your business.

Made For Mobile

Triax 360° virtual tours cater to mobile users in a way that flat pictures and videos can’t. Users physically point a smartphone or tablet in any direction to actively examine and explore the virtual environment.

Head First

VR headsets offer the ultimate immersive experience. Beyond the rich visual impressions customers will have as they intuitively turn their head to look around, they’ll get a profound sense of what visiting and moving through your business feels like.

Virtual Visitors

Triax virtual tours let customers explore your business as if they were physically there, whether they’re across town or in another time zone. VR tours are especially ideal for travelers, tourists and anyone else not local to the area.

Open 24/7/365

Even when your business is closed, Triax virtual tours are open and available to view on demand. After virtually stepping inside, customers are much more likely to add your business to their Google Maps favorites so they can stop by when you’re open, or when they have time.

Access Anywhere

Virtual tours will show up in your business’s Google listing within Google Search, Google Maps, Google Street View, etc. Additionally, virtual tours may also be embedded directly into your own webpage using provided embed codes.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Triax virtual tours are immersive and interactive on any platform, but the ultimate way to experience them is with a VR headset. Triax delivers accessible, hassle-free virtual reality by supporting a wide range of devices, from inexpensive cardboard-compatible viewers to the latest dedicated headsets. On most devices, switching to VR mode is as simple as tapping the VR icon in the corner of the screen. WebVR browser apps provide access to virtual tours on the more sophisticated headsets, with support for the highest end PC-based systems being added in the near future.
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