Interactive 360° Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Virtual Tour Demand

According to a recent survey, 77% of Americans would love to be able to take VR house tours before actually visiting prospective homes. 62% of Americans would be more likely to choose a real estate sales associate who offered VR house tour capabilities as a service that prospective buyers could view on their computer or smartphone over one that did not.²

Interactive & Informative

Intuitive, natural navigation is just the beginning. Your virtual tour can feature a wide range of layered content, from simple text labels to interactive floor plans, or pop-ups with embedded media such as videos. Provide voice over audio to guide your guest through the property as if you were showing it live.

Versatile Viewing

Triax virtual tours run in any web browser on nearly any device. Navigating with desktop and laptop displays is as simple as dragging to rotate the 360° view in any direction, while clicking on location hotspots to move from place to place. Go full screen on a large display for an eye-filling panoramic view of your property.

Made For Mobile

Over 70% of searches and 58% of found homes are from mobile devices.¹ Triax 360° virtual tours cater to mobile users in a way that flat pictures and videos can’t. Users physically point a smartphone or tablet in any direction to actively examine and explore the virtual environment rather than passively watching a presentation.

Head First

VR headsets offer the ultimate immersive experience. Beyond the rich visual impressions clients will have as they intuitively turn their head to look around, they’ll get a profound sense of what inhabiting and moving through the space feels like. Spatial qualities and room layouts are discovered viscerally by navigating from area to area.

Virtual Visitors

Triax virtual tours let clients explore a property as if they were physically there, whether they’re across town or in another time zone. VR tours are especially ideal for non-local clients, such as international businesses looking at commercial properties in a wide region, or urban professionals too busy to travel around searching for that perfect, quiet country house.

Showing 24/7/365

When clients, real estate agents and current occupants each have busy schedules, arranging an appointment time that works for everyone can be difficult. Triax virtual tours are available to view on demand at any hour, on any day of the year. No scheduling, no rushing through a tour within a timeslot, just unlimited opportunities to view and review at the client’s convenience.

Access Anywhere

Because hosting of Triax virtual tours is handled by us, no file transfers or uploading to websites is required from you. Simple custom links to the tours are provided, which can be added to central real estate listings such as MLS,, Zillow, etc. Additionally, virtual tours may also be embedded directly into your agent webpage using provided embed codes.

Virtual Tour Interaction Features

Hotspot-based spatial navigation system; users move from place to place by clicking where they want to go.
Gyroscopic rotation on mobile devices to look around in 360°, automatically activated by default.
Standard flat images embedded in popups, showing lighting at different times of day, cabinet interiors, renovations, etc.
Simple descriptive labels highlight various noteworthy features, while information popups provide in-depth details, facts and figures.
Embedded videos, such as uploaded YouTube walkthroughs, or clips of an agent guiding the client along the virtual tour.
Audio hotspots play sound files, such as an agent’s guided voiceover narration, or ocean surf crashing along a beachfront.
Links to any external web page, such as an appointment request form, or the product listing for a custom kitchen appliance.
Interactive floor plans with hotspot navigation, offering more ways to explore a property and get a feel for its room layout.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Triax virtual tours are immersive and interactive on any platform, but the ultimate way to experience them is with a VR headset. Triax delivers accessible, hassle-free virtual reality by supporting a wide range of devices, from inexpensive cardboard-compatible viewers to the latest dedicated headsets. On most devices, switching to VR mode is as simple as tapping the VR icon in the corner of the screen. WebVR browser apps provide access to virtual tours on the more sophisticated headsets, with support for the highest end PC-based systems being added in the near future.